The program features object-oriented sessions integrating various approaches to address a complex challenge, and specialized sessions corresponding with the scope of WPSA working groups. In addition, 11 plenary talks will address major issues for the poultry sector as a whole and will take place on Monday 17 all day and Thursday 20 morning.

Session TitleInvited speaker
Integrated strategies to control meat quality defects Massimiliano PETRACCI (IT)
Pluridisciplinary approaches to reach the One health objectivesHein IMBERECHTS (BE)
Towards longer carriers in layers Maureen BAIN (GB)
Adapting poultry production to climate changeAnne COLLIN (FR)
Early management of broilers: from embryo to the end of the starter phaseZehava UNI (IL)
Understanding the microbiome for an improved management of Health and WelfareRichard DUCATELLE (BE)
Genetics by environment interactions and epigeneticsFrédérique PITEL (FR)
Mitigating the environmental impacts of poultry productionErmias KEBREAB (US)
Emerging (re-emerging) poultry diseasesDavid SWAYNE (US)
Understanding nutrition by genetics interaction to optimize feed efficiencySandrine GRASTEAU (FR)
Mananagement of broiler breedersMartin ZUIDHOF (CA)
Diversity of production systems and services delivered to humans : towards an agroecological perspectiveBertrand MEDA (FR)
Innovative strategies to answer new expectations from the societyCesare CASTELLINI (IT)
Genetics by nutrition interaction on the digestive microbiotaAmelia CAMARINHA-SILVA (DE)
Robotics and big data for precision farmingThomas NORTON (BE)
Social role of poultry production in the Mediterranean areaNuhad DAGHIR (LN)
Keel bone damage in layersMike TOSCANO (CH)
Poultry production for ensuring food securityRobyn ALDERS (AU)

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